Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oh, my gosh, it is so hot.  Last night was so muggy that it was hard to get to sleep.  Of course I had the windows open, which meant that every knucklehead in the neighborhood had to make noise.  Last night someone was running what sounded like a table saw and hammering.  While I had trouble falling asleep with the ruckus, I figured that they would probably stop around 10 pm or so.  Boy, was I wrong.  I woke up at 12:30 am to the sounds of a table saw and hammering.  What is wrong with people?!  The I was awakened again at around 2 am to the sound of a car door slamming.  I think it was my neighbor across the street, who I think works for a hotel.  This person suddenly realized that the trash cans needed to be put out for pick up this morning,  So they proceeded to drag their big cans on wheels loudly out to the curb.  Rumble, rumble, slam against the curb.  Grrrrr.

I did not get back to sleep until around 3:30 am.  I was so tired.  I figure I will be be asleep before I finish this post.  So if I stop in the middle of a sentence, please forgive me.

So I have a couple of book recommendations.  I am currently re-reading "Heaven is For Real."  It is such a cool little book.  I keep it on my Kindle, so that I can re-read it from time to time.  The other book is a book called, "Jesus Calling" which is a little daily devotional.  If you have the opportunity and are a person of faith, I highly recommend adding this book to your collection.  Each day is a small passage, but is so well written that I am just flooded with peace every time I pick it up.  I would recommend getting the little hardcover book so that you can just flip around in it.  My experience with this book is similar to my experience with my Bible.  Generally, I will just ask that God show the message that I need that day and let it fall open.  Pretty much 100% of the time, the exact message that I need will be right there.  So I do not necessarily read the passage of the day on the date listed.  Here is a link to the book on Amazon.  Jesus Calling

So it is sweltering, but I am going to attempt sleep.  I am so tired.  The neighbors better keep the din down tonight.  Hopefully they got it all out of their system last night.  

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Peggy Lee said...

Ugh...neighbors. We thought we moved out to the country but now everyone and their brother has built a house out here! I hope you are able to get some rest.