Monday, June 24, 2013

Murky Monday

It was a cold, gray, rainy day today.  I was thinking of how nice it would be to be home, stitching on my sofa, drinking a cup of tea, while watching a movie on Netflix.  Instead, I had to play boring old accountant (versus my night job as a ninja!)  We are prepping for the end of the quarter, which is always exciting.  Well, as exciting as you can get in accounting.  But it pays the mortgage and keeps us in dog toys and biscuits.

I thought about stitching tonight, but I am so sleepy and despite my thinking I would make it, I will be turning out the light here at about 8:30.  I know, I am livin' La Vida Loca.  I am trying to keep my eyes open as I write this.  Please pardon any typos henceforth.

So I thought I would share a couple of funny Liesl stories.  I have mentioned in the past that she has a pretty good sense of humor and knows that she is funny.  Schnauzers in general are like this. So yesterday we were at the park, Liesl was sniffing along the ground.  I have not wanted to traumatize her lately with a haircut, particularly on her beard.  So she was dragging that beard along.  We had only just started our walk, and she kept stopping every few steps.  I would encourage her to take few steps and she would stop.  My heart sank and I thought she was not feeling well.  I walked around to the front of her to look at her face.  She was giving me the look that my cousin, Tara, calls "the Whale Eye."  LOL  Then all of the sudden I saw her kind of grin and I noticed a lump on her beard.  It is common for her to pick up sticks, bark, bugs, leaves, etc. in her beard. So I looked a little more closely to pull whatever it was out.  She had a chicken leg bone in her mouth!

People tend to picnic and this park a lot and we find chicken bones a lot.  Usually I see her before she picks one up (but with the long beard, it was harder to see) and I tell her to leave it.  She knows she is not allowed to have them. Sometimes, I have to pry her little jaws open to retrieve it.  This time, it appears that the look she was giving me was, "Seriously.  Do you not see this bone in my mouth?"  When I saw the bone and the look on her face, I started to laugh.  She spit the bone out, gave me a huge grin, then trotted off with a happy trot that said she was quite proud of the joke she had played on me.  

The second story took place last evening.  I was making her chicken soup to encourage more liquid into her system.  After I felt it was done, I left it to cool on the stove (before transferring it to the fridge.)  I turned out the light in the kitchen and went into another room to read.  About 10-15 minutes later, I realized that she was not in the room with me and I had not heard her for a while.  I went back into the kitchen and she was sitting there in the dark, with a fixed stare (trying to use the Force) on the pot of chicken soup.  Somehow she knew that it was her soup, I guess.  So I cooled a little bowl for her.  She was a happy girl and decided to party for a while after that.  She was chewing bones, then doing her victory laps trotting around the house (she does this when she is happy, particularly with a bone.)  It is like she can not contain herself and has to trot around the house because she is so happy about it.  It is pretty gosh darn cute.

So those are my happy stories.  She cracks me up.


Gloria said...

I love Liesl stories! She is so cute and so funny.
Thank you for sharing.

They call me Estatez... said...

I'm so sorry to her Liesl has bladder stones. I went through that with my schnauzer...twice! The first time was surgery (the stones were huge and plentiful, the doctor saved me a vial of them), the second time I opted to do the prescription canned food. I couldn't bear the thought of her going through that surgery again. It was hard on both of us.

I'm glad your little girl feels well enough to be up to her old antics. I love the personality of schnauzers. I had planned to adopt another one two years ago bet then Miss Meggie (corgi mix) entered out lives. She makes me so happy! Give your fur baby a hug for me. Sorry you've both been through so much.