Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Day Off!

I had a totally lovely and peaceful day today. I started by sleeping in until 7:30. It was quite lovely. DH brought me a cup of coffee whilst I contemplating the whole getting up thing. It was rainy and chilly and I was not feeling it for getting up until after 8. Into a really hot shower then back into my jammies. It was too chilly to dress in clothes. Since it was cold and yucky, I climbed right back into bed and under the covers with my coffee and laptop. Liesie thought this was an absolutely fabulous idea and decided that she should also be under the blankets.

I played around on the computer, read and watched some morning television. Then the time came where I could not avoid the craft room project any longer. I tied a safety line around my waist, grabbed my cell phonem in case I needed to call for help,put on my coal miner head lamp and went into the belly of the beast. All in all, it was not a horrible task, it took about 4 hours. I unpacked the last of the boxes and I am proud to report that the floor and desk do indeed have a surface. I still have a few papers to go through but it is in a neat pile. Yay! I am looking forward to working in there later this week. Whoohoo!

My DD came over tonight and brought our favorite sushi. DH was at a band rehearsal so it was just us girls. We like this sushi that has deep fried soft shell crab in it and they decorate it with crab legs coming out of a couple of the pieces. It is so absolutely delicious! We had a couple of other kinds that were equally delicious. It was such a great treat.

We worked on the sewing machine for a little while. DD is a quick study so we finished pretty quicky. So DD got to knit for a while and I worked on the Lady. I did not get to finish my graphing so I have not located my error yet, so I worked on the side that is graphed enough where I know there is not an error. I am working on the skirt now, which is back to the big blocks of color, so no confetti stitching, thank goodness.

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Suzanne said...

I hope you get the Lady straightened out soon. Errors bother me and I have to find and fix them too.