Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Fun!

I love Saturdays. It is my one day to sleep in, to like 7:30, and wear sweatpants all day if I want. I am able to do my laundry, and putter around the house. I was able to work on a huge pile of mail that had stacked up in the office/craft room. Plus I was able to attend to a couple of details in the room so that it organized it a bit more. I have a couple of stitched pieces to hang yet and DH has two boxes to finish going through, of what is mostly clutter we think. But it is really pretty much done. It is kind of serene in there now. In fact, I was able to work quietly while Liesie napped in the reading chair. She was quite content wrapped up in a big comfy afghan. I am so glad to have a special room again for crafting, reading, and working.

We finally made it over to our local city library today to get our new library cards. Hubby is quite happy that they have audiobook downloads available. He always has a book loaded on his Ipod that he listens to in the car so he is happy dancing that he has a new source. We walked a few blocks downtown back to the car, and took note of flowering plants that grow really well here. The are some beautiful window boxes all around the city streets here that serve as a great inspiration.

Our neighbors have told us that this front yard was notorious for being such a beautiful garden. It was the pride of the elderly gentlemen who owned the home, but who has since passed. The renters before us turned off the irrigation system, and never watered, so the garden died. It really is a pity. (Many of the rentals in this area actually have gardening service built into the lease so this does not happen.) So DH and I are committed to rebuilding it. Many of the plants are salvageable, like huge rhododendron bushes, camillas, and ferns. They just need to have the dead stuff cut back. We would like to add geraniums, lobelia, allysum, nasturtium and perhaps some tiny flowering plants that would vine outwards not upwards to fill in between the river rocks. For less than $25 in seeds we could fill in some of the holes where other plants died. It is a fun project since we both love to garden. It will probably take a couple of years for the plants to grow together without all of the gaps. Luckily, our winters are pretty mild.

I am getting ready to sit down and stitch. It is a quiet evening here and the rain is getting ready to start up. It is a really nice evening to stitch. I will probably post a picture tomorrow of my progress, although it is not going as fast as I had hoped.

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