Saturday, February 7, 2009

Knitting prezzies!

When my sweet DD came over the other night for an evening of yummy food and stitching, she brought me a present! Last time she was over I mentioned that I may want a hat because my head gets cold on the morning walks with Liesie. She knitted up the lovely green cable knit hat on the left. It is so soft and so lovely! I am thinking that it will make it's maiden voyage on tomorrow's walk. I would have worn it sooner but it has been pouring so hard here that I have skipped a couple of days of walking so that I do not go to work soaking wet.

The lovely red socks are one of the pairs that she knitted me for Christmas. They are so super duper soft and pretty. I only wear them in bed so that I do not mess up the bottoms. She assures me that they are washable, but I still think if them as my special bedtime socks. I can't even think straight when my feet are cold, so having warm, pretty, hand-knitted socks are a really special treat.
My DD is so awesome and talented!

One last note: A big welcome back to NASCAR! I had been looking forward to the return of the season for the last month. In my office, we have a Junior fan, a Jeff Gordon fan, and me, a Tony Stewart fan. It is pretty fun to talk about the races with the other ladies. Our Junior fan actually goes to the races a couple times a year, & knows all of the stats and stories. For Christmas she gave me a lug nut from Tony's car. She also prints out pictures of our drivers to hang on our doors. I am really lucky because 1) I have a job 2) I work with extraordinary people who make it so much fun to go to work.

I am so blessed many times over!

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Suzanne said...

A lug nut, huh?! That's funny...and a great gift!

Love the knitted things...