Friday, February 13, 2009

Made It To The Weekend

Oh my goodness, the weekend is finally here. I got home, changed clothes, ran errands and had Greek food with hubby. There is a great place here that is really inexpensive and the food is terrific. On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's so that we would have treats for the weekend. We always find something new and interesting at TJ's. Tonight we found a sundried tomato pesto that I am sure is delicious over pasta for a quick dinner. Then we found little appetizers that are brie with raspberries in phyllo. There outta be a law. LOL

I had big ol' plans of stitching tonight. I am afraid that I was already tired before running errands. Combine that with running around and I am totally fried. I am barely keeping my eyes open.

DH and I are really looking forward to puttering around the house tomorrow. We are looking forward to sleeping in until at least 7, which is about the dog's limit. I am hoping to get in a little stitching in the afternoon before I have to get all gussied up for our date. I really have to get a gift stitched for a friend, so if I can get the craft room set up in the morning, then I will be able to find my supplies and get it started in the afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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