Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Rough Day...

You know those days where it is raining and you just can't get out of bed? Then you get dressed, you are looking adorable in a pretty green cashmere sweater that you have not been able to get into in years and your hair looks cute. Then you take a bite of toast and butter drips right down the front of said green sweater. You then look at the clock and see that you should leave now but no, you have to figure out what to change into.

Look at the clock again, you are ten minutes late getting out the door, sigh. Somehow, without even speeding you walk into your office right on time. You then take a big accounting error into your boss, only to find the error was yours and you picked up the number from the paper whose staple had become one with the prior page's staple therefore looking like one document. Unfortunately, your boss is the one that points this out to you. Fortunately, this boss is sent from Heaven, looks at you and says, "Hey, I've done that one, too."

The day continues on in an unpleasant manner and you find yourself counting the minutes until lunch. Just as you are picking up your purse to leave, the critical business call that you have been waiting for all morning comes. It takes 45 minutes. The day does not get better. The saving grace is that the dog acts like the best thing that has happened all day was your walking through the door.

It has been a long day. On days like this I know not to stitch for I will be ripping out my work for days. I have often said that I love looking at other stitchers work as much a I love stitching myself. So I have looked at blogs this evening. I look at all of the updated blogs on my blog roll every day. It really helps to keep me motivated to see other's beautiful work. I love your photographs of your work, your families and pets. I love to see the creativity of other people's blogs. There is something so comforting about visiting them and I feel like I am checking in with friends.

Tomorrow will be better. I will get to stitch. I may even stay up late and do a marathon stitch. I just got my Girl Scout cookie order. A cup of tea, a blanket and small, cute dog next to me. Sounds like a dream evening.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

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Suzanne said...

I find that some puppy love with help cure what ails you. Hope you feel better.