Monday, June 14, 2010

A Good Evening

I got off work a little early today so headed off to a much needed trip to the grocery store. The fridge was looking a little desperate. I had food, but nothing that went together to make an actual meal, so it was time...So off I went to the store with everyone else who was trying to pick something up for dinner. Oy vey!

It was one of those days where I came home and put my jammies on right away. I was totally tired. I needed to water the garden but I was too tired. Liesl was tired, too, and laid next to me as I crashed on the sofa. We played for a little bit, but she let me know that she needed some sleep, too. She put her little puppy feet up on me and drifted off to sleep.

I did stitch tonight. It was my New Jersey TV night. I am orginally from NJ, so I am loving all of the attention that the state is getting on TV right now. So tonight I got to watch Cake Boss, which takes place in Hoboken. This show is so darn adorable. I love the family on this show. In a few minutes Real Housewives of New Jersey comes on. This show is over the top, but I love it. Great shows to stitch to. Plus it is nice to hear people say orange (ah-range) and horrible (hah-rrible) like I do. It is the one part of my accent that I can not seem to get rid of.

As I said earlier, I did stitch. I am still working on Dog Lessons for People and it is really coming along. It should actually be finished by the end of June. Whoohoo!

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