Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One More Day...

Until the beginning of the summer of Patti! I just have to take a final exam tomorrow night for my class. I was supposed to do it tonight but wanted to study up a couple of chapters. After this test my evenings are free of responsibilities until the fall. Whoohoo! I feel like I should do something special to kick off the summer. Maybe I should go get ice cream!

Today started out gray and sprinkly. It warmed up considerably by the the end of the day. I met my daughter to do our two mile walk after work and it was beautiful. There are times I can not believe that I get to see the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis. I am so fortunate. So we got in our walk and I came home to make dinner. While cooking my dinner I got all inspired. I wanted to use up my veggies in the refrigerator, so cut them up and put them in the crockpot to slow cook some turkey noodle soup for tomorrow's dinner (and probably a month's worth of lunches.) I got the kitchen all cleaned up and went out to water the flowers. The air was starting to chill with the evening getting darker, so the flowers all smelled really fragrant. I tried to throw the ball for Liesl, but she had been on the same two mile walk and just looked at me like she was not feeling it for chasing a ball. She came inside and laid down on her blankie so I could tuck her in.

It is really nice and quiet this evening. Liesl is sleeping and I am getting ready to pull out my stitching for a while. I love evenings like this.


April Mechelle said...

Good Luck on your exam !!! You are so lucky to be able to walk on the beach all the time. At least till hurricane season. LOL

Natasha said...

Best of luck on your exam... Hope you take yourself up on the offer for ice cream you deserve a celebration treat. "Schools out for summer"

My Westie has a blankie also, he snuggles with it and sucks on it.

Take care and happy stitching!