Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Stove Coming Tomorrow!

Okay, so it may not sound really exciting, but I am totally stoked about the arrival of the new stove. I am trying to think what I should cook for the inaugural dinner. So many choices. I may have to bake something, too!

Got to stitch tonight in between phone calls trying to determine when my stove is arriving. I have the standard four hour window. I was so hoping for the evening appointment. Now I am hoping that they will come as early as possible in my four hour window.

I had to go to the local craft store here at lunchtime. I was out of DMC 930. I was a little disappointed to find out that they do not have DMC anymore and have switched to Sullivan. DMC is an institution. I wonder why they made the change. Anyway, I also found a pretty framed picture for $3. I have to sand the dings out of the frame and repaint it, but it will be a quick fix. I loved finding such a great bargain.

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Vicky said...

I got excited over a new washing machine last week LOL