Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Miss Liesl

I do not know if I have mentioned this before, but Liesl's favorite toy is a life sized duck that quacks. She has had quite a few over the years. When she was younger she felt the need to dismember them. Now that she is almost three, she has come to understand that if she takes them apart, she can't play with them anymore, so she is nicer to them. Anyway, I had to run into Walmart after work. They had the ducks for $5 so I got her another one for her to have in my office. I let her see it and she trotted right over to get her other duck and put them together, which I thought was pretty smart.

From time to time, Liesl will gather up her favorite toys and make a little pile out of them. Then she will lay down on top of the pile. It cracks me up. Anyway, she has already done this a couple of times since we got home with the ducks. She seems to think she has hit the duck jackpot. I almost don't have the heart to split them up and take one off to the office. She is just so happy.

So now my little furgirl is asleep next to me on the sofa. I have my stitching ready to for me to pick up and Cake Boss is on (I love Cake Boss!!!!) I think I may even make a little cup of cocoa. It has been really chilly here today, plus I am coming down with a cold. Yuck. I have big plans for the weekend and there is no way I can have a cold then. Vitamin C is my best friend for the next few days!

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April Mechelle said...

Cute pictures !!! My rebel has a bone shaped toy she has played with for years. It goes missing she starts hunting it.