Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whoohoo! School's Out!

Well, I finished my final about an hour ago! School is out! It was too late to celebrate with ice cream, so that will have to wait. I am just so glad and ready to turn my book in at the campus bookstore tomorrow. It has been an hectic couple of weeks between a 12 page research paper, a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation and a final exam for this class.

Tomorrow after I meet up with my daughter I am going to be a stitching machine! I am also going to be a gardening machine. The garbage truck picked up my first load of weeds picked this last weekend. I have to fill up the can with the ones that are still in piles around the yard. I also need to get some seeds into the ground. I am so excited that I get to do what I want for three months. Whoohoo!

Now I need to get a couple of fair entries together. I think my daughter is going to enter some of her knitting in the fair, too. She showed me what she is considering and it is absolutely breathtaking. She is also interested in spinning and they always have a room set up full of spinning wheels and demos. So very cool. I totally love the fair! If you still have the opportunity, I would encourage anyone who is considering it to enter something in the local fair. It encourages interest in crafts and keeps us from losing some of our beloved home arts. Plus it is really fun!


Marnie said...

Congrats for finishing strong! Enjoy the break and good luck at the fair!

Barb said...

Sounds like you have plans. Enjoy your break and the stitching and gardening. Good luck at the fair.