Sunday, June 13, 2010

Social Weekend

I had a really great weekend. I have been on the church's pastoral seach committee for the past year. It has really been a blessing to do this work and we had such a great group working on this committee. Anyway, we made our selection a couple of weeks ago. This was the weekend for the congregation to meet the pastor we have selected. There was much festivity! It started with a dinner on Friday night, a breakfast of just our committee and the pastor yesterday morning, then a church potluck last night. I love church potlucks! Plus it was so nice to just have that time with my church friends. We are all so excited about the future.

After church today, I came home and took a nap for an hour. I was so tired! Liesl was really happy to have her momma back, too! After my nap, I got up and Liesl and I headed to the backyard. It has been so hot and beautiful so I had to get some work done out there. I finally got my tomato plants into the ground. I have a few other things to plant but I feel much better now that they are planted. I also got a few more seeds started. The garden is looking really good now.

After I got some weedling done, flowering bushes deadheaded and seeds started, I got down to watering. Had a little misshap though because I did not see that there was a small, gray, and usually spoiled dog lying in a huge patch of nasturtiums. I went to water that patch and saw said little, gray, cheesed off dog leap up in a rather surprised way. Oops. My bad. Luckily, forgiveness comes at the price of a puppy cookie.

I am really looking forward to finishing up the yard. It is looking really good. I would love to have a chaise lounge out there. I need to find a used one though since they tend to be so expensive. But I can envision me laying out in the yard, sharing the chair with Liesl, sipping a lemonade, and reading a magazine. It sounds heavenly. Best of all, it stays pretty warm here until almost November so I have many months to look forward to being in the yard. I want to get it just right before I have a dinner out there with friends though! Plus my new stove has to arrive first!

Have a happy week!

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Alan said...

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