Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Stove Day!

Yay! It's here and it is so pretty. I wish I could say that I cooked something glamorous for dinner, but I was a bit tired. I am so excited though. The nice delivery men let me vacuum where the old stove had been before they installed the new one. I need to bake something remarkable now. It is bigger than my old stove, but somehow it is making my kitchen look bigger.

The US Open is here locally right now. It is making for interesting commute time. It is very exciting though with the Monterey Peninsula being very welcoming to golf enthusiasts. The weather has been absolutely beautiful so this should be great for the tournament. The other big tournament we have here is the AT&T ProAm (the old Crosby Clambake.) Usually when you get to see us on television, it is pouring down rain. In fact, we have a running joke when it pours here in the winter that it is AT&T weather. But right now it is absolutely beautiful. Today there was nary a cloud in the sky.

I am hoping to get about an hour of stitching in tonight. I am really tired and trying to get over the last dregs of this darn head cold. At the same time, I would consider it a personal victory to move my q-snaps over to another part of the fabric. I have been stitching in the same spot since I started this piece.

Off to stitch!


Missy aka Birdy said...

Hi Patti, I just found your it was lost or something--LOL!! Love your new stove. Nothing like a new gadget to play with.

I'm watching the U.S Open and the weather and scenery looks perfect. I lived in Southern Cali for years and Pebble Beach was a great weekend retreat for us. Nothing like the views from there.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

I'm just back to blogging after being absent for a bit. Please feel free to visit me.



Bette said...

We just go home from a driving vacation through your neck of the woods. We spent 2 nights in Monterey. Would have like to have done the 17 Mile drive but it was closed due to the golf tournament. But your coast was gorgeous!