Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Night

I got home tonight in time to see the last 45 minutes of the best movie ever. Sure you have your Citizen Kane, Dr. Zhivago and Gone With The Wind. But really do they hold a candle to that cinematic hallmark, "Talledega Nights?" I love this movie. It makes me laugh out loud.

It has been really hot here. Too hot really. Liesl has been panting alot so I have been putting ice cubes in her water bowl. It was so hot by 4 pm that I put her in the shower so she could cool off a bit. She seemed a bit grateful. I can't imagine having a fur coat in this heat.

It has been too hot to stitch. I am afraid of getting my fabric dirty from sweat, so I am holding off. Instead I have been looking online at freebie patterns. There are so many beautiful free patterns out there. Designers are very generous with these creations. I am thinking that I would like to make a pretty floss tag, but there are so many great patterns out there to choose from.

I have been thinking about how much stitching has changed since the early 1980's when I really got into the craft. Back then, department stores like JC Penney, Sears, and Mervyns had sewing machines, patterns, fabric and cross stitch kits as a department. If I wanted a project, I went to JC Penney to pick a new kit. After that craft super stores came into fashion in the mid 80's. However, I found that many of the kits were sort of cutesy, which was not my style. So I started buying aida in the Charles Craft tubes, DMC floss and a pattern book, here and there. I never bought more than what I was immediately going to be working on. There was no such thing as stash. Now there are so many different fabrics, thread, patterns from all over the world, embellishments, accessories and ways to finish an item. It is amazing how much it has changed in 30 years.

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