Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost done!

Okay, not such a big deal because it is a quick stitch. However, here is my present for my daughter's friend, Kate. I am looking forward to meeting her. Right now, they are having fun in San Francisco, but will be home in time for knitting. All that I need to do is get a small frame for it. I am taking my BFF out to dinner tomorrow for her birthday, so I will pick one up then. I hope Kate likes it.

It is majorly cold here, and they said to expect a cold front starting today. This year has been exceptionally chilly during the summer months. I have nothing really to complain about. My heart goes out to the people on the East Coast, enduring loss of their homes in the flooding. It is painful to watch my original hometown of Paterson, NJ under so much water.

So tonight, I will day prayers for the people of the Eastern Seaboard. I will say prayers of thanks that our earthquake in the middle of the night earlier this week merely rocked Liesl and I awake for a few minutes. I will say prayers of thanks for all of the blessings in my life, that my cup runneth over. I will say prayers for the simple things. For chilly evenings, and extra quilts. For peaceful evenings with sea lion songs. And for the love of a little dog with a big heart and smile. Life is good.

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April Mechelle said...

Patti,the stitching looks great. I know she will like it! Try and stay warm. Oh, I wish!! It is still so hot here. 97 today. I want to move where you live! lol
Watch out for those earthquakes!