Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy Saturday!

This is kind of a hectic weekend. There is a lot going on, plus I have a huge project for work that I have to work on. I am a bit stressed, so I did not sleep well last night. Liesl had to go out around 6:30 am and I could not sleep after that. I just got up around 7 and got dressed and took Miss Liesl to Carmel Beach super early. It was cold and drizzly but she really needed to run. I prefer taking her there early anyway, because it is the regulars in the early morning. After about 10 am, you tend to get people who do not go often enough to understand that there is an etiquette (usually involving safety) among dog parents. Inevitably, Liesl will get thugged by a bigger dog who probably should not be off leash. She can be a tough little cookie and hold her own, but I have had to pick her up to get her away from big dogs who will not leave her alone in a not nice kinda way. I can usually tell pretty quickly that she is unhappy when her ears and tail go down and she gets a helpless look on her face. That is when I scoop her up and get her out of there. I have had a large dog jump on me trying to get at her after I have picked her up, with the owner doing nothing because he was on his cell phone. Grrrr.

We had a great time today though. We had much of the beach to ourselves. One of the guys at work had given me one of those ball throwy things, that toss the ball further than I can. Liesl runs like a bullet after it. She loves to chase anything. She was so exhausted on the way back to the car. Usually she chases sandpipers and seagulls on the way back, but she dragged herself back to the car, figuring that giving the birds a dirty look was going to have to suffice. LOL We came home and she got her bath and her breakfast and she was out for a long nap.

While she was sleeping, I got to meet my dear friend, Barbara, for long lunch. She has been out of town for over a month and I have missed her. So we got all caught up on the news. It made me so happy. After that I had an appointment before hitting Trader Joe's. TJ's had gotten in a new shipment of those hibiscus I got a few weeks ago for $6.99. They are gorgeous! I got another one in a corally pink. So pretty. There is a rumor that they have yellow ones but I have not seen one yet. I will keep looking!

By the time I got home I was totally overly tired, so I napped on the sofa. I woke up to sunshine, finally! So off the furgirl and I went to the backyard. I got a lot done back there. The prior resident of this house had planted succulents in pots, which looked terrible and made the yard look a bit haphazard. I decided that this had to change, and replanted everything in some bare spots in the yard. They were terribly root bound, so I think they will be much happier now.

So now I have given myself a pedicure with sparkly nail polish. I am going to stitch for the rest of the evening, until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

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