Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Litchi Tomatoes

I know this sounds ca-razy, but these are tomatoes! They are called Litchi tomatoes or Morelle de Balbis. About a year ago, my daughter gave me some heirloom tomato seeds. Last year, I thought when they came up, that they were weeds. So I took them out. This year, I was watching them come up. (These are volunteers from last year's seeds. ) Then I remembered that Google is our friend and did a search. They are tomatoes that have a sour cherry taste, apparently. The stems have thorns, too! Yikes! The plants themselves can be formidable and can grow to 8 feet. I have no idea what I will do with them. LOL

I am working on my fair entries like a madwoman. They are due to the fairgrounds on the 20th. I have a feeling I will be up after midnight on the 19th. Again...

Well, guess I had better get stitchin'!


Beth said...

So, how does one eat those bad boys??

Gloria said...

Interesting. I have never heard of those.
I hope Liesl stays away from the thorns.