Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deciding What To Stitch Next...

I am in that decision making stage of what to stitch next. This can take from several days to several weeks to decide. I decided a couple of weeks ago to not enter my stuff in the fair after all this year. I have an overwhelming number of irons in the fire and something had to go off of my to do list. Plus the expense of having to frame something. Oy vey! On top of it all, Star Spangled Banner is not the clearest pattern to read and I have made several mistakes that should not have happened. The biggest was in the lining up of the pages. I feel like I have stitched the thing twice. So I will enter it next year. I do not feel as disappointed as I thought I would about not entering the fair. I guess that means that it was a good decision.

So I am thinking about stitching a Blackwork piece in red. I have all of the items that I need, so I could start it right away. It is a big project, so I have to think this through before I start it. I do have a couple of small gifts to make including something from my daughter's friend who will be visiting the first week of September. She sent me some lovely Cadbury hot cocoa from England this year, so I want to make sure I have a nice little gift for her. I can not wait to meet her. My daughter speaks so highly of her. I think she will be able to come to knitting night, which will be really fun!

I am also thinking that I would like to get my sewing machine out. I would really like to make a few projects. That Moda Bakeshop blog is always calling to me with beautiful projects.

It is hard to have so many interests because they all compete with each other. I love gardening, stitching, cooking, sewing, playing with Liesl, reading good books, spending time with friends, and reading blogs, Martha Stewart and BHG online for even more great ideas of things to do. So many fun things to do and so little time. sigh...


Karen said...

Oh the dilemma of picking a new project! I can certainly relate. Have fun searching for your next project!

butterfly said...

I know what you mean about having to many things to do. But its good to have allot going on.

I always keep about 10-20 small stitching ready to pick up when i want and also large ones, i stitch what i want when i want but they do get finished.
I am the butterfly going from one thing to another.

Love all your stitching.