Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is It Friday Yet?

Okay, first things first. The question came up in the comments of how one would eat the Litchi tomatoes. I shoulda thought about that. Apparently, as the tomato grows, the thorn "shield" retracts. This is what a mature one looks like: They are pretty freaky looking.

Sakes alive, it has been a crazy week and this weekend looks a bit busy, too. I need to clear a portion of my garden back. I also need to make more homemade yogurt. Tonight I went online and googled some healthy Kong filler ideas for Liesl. She does not like peanut butter and I want something healthy and low fat to keep her busy. There was one recipe that called for tuna, plain yogurt and grated carrot. You freeze it in the Kong. It is high in Omega-3 fatty acids so it is good for her, too. I think I will try this one. One of the guys at work said that he just uses Cheez Whiz instead of fancy fillers and it works pretty well. I may try to use that as a "liner" for the Kong and add kibble to it. Oy vey, this dog is spoiled.

I need to get frames or framing supplies this weekend for my fair entries. I am getting pretty excited about fair. I love going and seeing Monterey County's best. We are an agricultural county, so the ag stuff is fascinating. I have a friend at work who shows her pigs, cattle and chickens at fair, too, and helps with 4-H. We both talk about the fair all year. I am thinking about exhibiting at Santa Cruz county, too, on her suggestion. I think my knitting group is going together so we can have fun together. These are some of my very favorite friends, and it would be such a hoot to go together.

It sounds like the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog is a big favorite with you, too. I have stumbled upon another one on my blog roll that is just so sweet, peaceful and comforting. It is Amish Stories. If you have time, check it out. In the meantime, make the lemon cookies that I mentioned earlier in the week. I had my last one today. So awesome!

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Jeanne said...

Good luck with your fair entries, looking forward to seeing them!

You reminded me I haven't given their Kongs to my pooches in awhile...mine love peanut butter so I freeze it in the Kong and they're good for about 45 minutes of entertainment. Good for those times when mommy is working and they need to be quiet LOL.

Have a great weekend.