Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Present

After a fun and whirlwind weekend, it was time for me to get to work on a present for my daughter's friend this evening. Over the past couple of years my daughter has become really good friends with a young lady in London. They had begun their friendship on Ravelry, then started becoming good friends offline. Last year, at the last minute her friend invited her to come stay with her in London for a big knitting event. My daughter saw the great potential for adventure. So she talked to her hubby, who said that she should go and have an amazing time. (I heart my son-in-law.) So off she went and had a great time with her friend. I think it is so cool that she did this. I think it was super cool that her hubby made her feel good about going, too!

When she got back, I was coveting the container of Cadbury hot cocoa that my daughter had in her kitchen. I happen to love hot cocoa and have quite to collection of tins and flavors. My daughter told her friend that I was after her hot cocoa, so her friend sent me one of my very own.

So this week her friend is visiting here in the US. After hearing so many great things about her, I will get to finally meet her on Thursday. I am cross stitching her a monogram using a pattern from Rosewood Manor's Red Threads. It will end up being quite ornate. She will be joining us at knitting this week, so I want to give her something as a souvenir of her visit with us, I am looking forward to meeting her. I think she will really fit in with our wild and crazy group!

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