Saturday, March 31, 2012

Second Day Of Perfection

What a great day!  It poured today.  The wind and rain were hitting the house really hard.  It was a great day to be inside.  I had my list of things to get done and I accomplished it all.  I worked on my office today.  I got my blingy light fixture put in.  I am so in love with it.  It is very girlie!  It does not look like it here but it is very bright.

I also got my curtain rod installed.  I found a gorgeous Waverly red toile valance.  I love, love, love red toile.  The really cool thing is that on the package they tell you the Waverly paint colors that totally match it.  One of the colors is perfect for what I have in mind anyway.  My furniture will all be white with red accents when I am done so it will pop against the neutral tone they suggest.  Here is the reading nook:
Here is the desk that I bought from Overstock.  It is a craft desk and has lots of cubbies for craft supplies.  The top is plexiglass and has sectioned drawers so you can see your organized supplies.  They have some gorgeous red and white ceramic drawer pulls at World Market so I will change them out if they ever go on sale.  I think it will look so cute.
Side Cubbies:

Door Panel:  

I got a lot done in all of the rooms, but thought I would show my progress in here!  It is my happy room!

One more bit of happy news:  I think I have shared in the past that Liesl is not much of a kisser.  The only time I usually get kisses is when I return home.  This is something I treasure.  (She is now about 4 1/2.)  In the past week, she has been giving me kisses for no reason.  Today she was a kissing maniac.  It is really cool to get kisses from her just because.  She still continues to surprise me. 

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arrielle_p said...

Your blingy light fixture rocks! I'm so with the curtains too and nice work place. :)

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