Sunday, November 4, 2012

Almost Done, Square 1

Well, I have almost completed the first block of the fruit bell pull.  I have to finish up a few small items here and there.  Then I have to back stitch.  Ugh. You can probably detect from the photo how many colors are in just the peaches.  I do love the colors.  Unfortunately, a photo does not really capture the depth of the colors.  It is so pretty!  Yay!  The next square is a cluster of grapes on the vine.  

This is an absolutely stunning piece. It is one of the most challenging pieces I have ever stitched.  I know why so many shy away from Teresa Wentzler's designs.  There are no blocks of color.  It is almost all confetti stitching with blended threads.  However, it is so rewarding to stitch a piece like this.  

The time change is kind of nice.  I woke up way too early for church.  It was kind of nice to have a couple of hours to have an extra cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, I forgot that time change affects puppies.  Yikes.  Poor Liesl was looking for her dinner at the appointed time, which was not the same time that it was yesterday.  I felt terrible.  Luckily, I had her favorite dinner in the oven.  I was making baked chicken breast, roasted yam, and broccoli.  Every single one of her favorite foods.  She was so excited that she was doing spins in the kitchen while I was making up her little plate. (She wolfs hers down and then comes and works on me with big brown schnauzer eyes for mine.)  I think she forgave me.  I had made a little fruit plate for myself for dessert.  Liesl decided that she should also have half of my sliced bananas.  (I do not mind when she wants fruits and veggies.)  She did something she never does, afterwards.  She gave me a little kiss.  It made my day.  

Today was All Saint's Sunday at church.  This is the day that we honor and remember those that who have passed on.  This has been a really difficult year full of some really significant losses of people for me.  It was kind of peaceful to have that time honor and to pray for those who have been important in my life.  I feel as though I have been getting angel visits lately, as I have had some really amazing coincidences in the past couple of weeks.  

May your week be blessed with all good things.

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