Saturday, July 17, 2010

Awesome Saturday!

What a great day. It started out kind of gloomy but the sun came out big time! What a gorgeous day!

I got the most wonderful surprise this weekend! My dear friend of about 20 years, came for a visit. She texted me yesterday that she was coming into town. We were able to get together this morning, and I really came to understand how much I miss her. It filled my heart with such joy to see her! The past few years have flown by since I last saw her and we can not let that much time pass again in the future! She is an amazing person and a truly wonderful friend.

After such a crazy week I am embarassed to admit that the dirty dishes and dirty clothes had stacked up. I came home this afternoon and got right to work. I am happy to say the kitchen is clean and free of counter crumbs and salmonella. I am also proud to say that the clothes I wear this week, will, in fact be clean and Downy fresh. Yay!

I got a call this evening from another of my close friends. She asked me if I wanted to bring Liesl and join her for a walk. We got to take a really nice walk and Liesl was happy to be out smelling the smells on the trail. My friend is leaving for an amazing vacation and said that she had to get rid of some things in her fridge before she leaves. So she gave a me a huge bag of lovely, yummy things, including some awesome ice cream. She said that I also needed a flower to take home so she went out and snipped the pretty roses above. I wish my camera could do them justice, because they are a deep red and look like velvet. They are also huge (about the size of my hand.) I have such beautiful friends. I am so blessed!

On the no fun side of things, I had to go pay my doctor a little visit this week. He ended up doing some bloodwork for me, including testing my cholesterol. Ahem, it appears that my good friends bacon, cheese and butter and I are going to be estranged. :( If you could see me right now, I totally have a boo boo lip.

Hope you had a beautiful day too! Call an old friend tomorrow. You will make their day!


April Mechelle said...

Sounds like a great time you had except for loosing the friends of the bacon world.. LOL I have high cholr, too. I need to watch what I eat better. Take care

Elaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end, the roses are beautiful!