Monday, July 26, 2010

'Tis Done!

It is finally done! I have not ironed it yet so it looks a little wonky here. I saw online today that there is actually a special frame for this. It actually looks quite reasonable, pricewise, but still something I will have to save my pennies for.

I am really proud because it looks like I have actually tamed the mess that has been my craft room. It had been getting really out of control. (We all have that one room...) Now I am down to a small pile of papers that I have to file. Yay! I may actually get to craft in that room. I will be livin' the dream, baby!

I am really missing my dear friend right now! She is off on a trip to England and Norway. She asked me for a shopping list for hardanger supplies for while she is in Norway. We usually talk 2-3 times a week. She cracks me up so I am missing chatting with her.

We had our first night of Vacation Bible School tonight. It was so much fun. We start with dinner together, then singing, then Bible study. We finished up with s'mores around the campfire. It was only my second time in my life having a s'more. It was so perfect and so delicious. Hmm. I have a gas stove. I could be having smores way more often. Anyway, it was a perfect evening with my church family. They really are wonderful people that I really love a lot.

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Littlebit said...

Congrats on your's so cute! Gosh, it seems ages since I've finished a thing! I had my first smore last summer, and yes, it was quite yummy.