Sunday, July 11, 2010

Domestic Sunday

Today was another lovely day. When I went to church this morning, it was cold and a bit dreary. However, when church got out, it was a pretty nice sunny day. I cuddled my little schnauzer girl for a couple of minutes then headed outside.

The weather was just right for gardening today. It was not too hot and not too cold. I got a bunch of work done in the garden and filled the green recycling bin again. My garden tends to give me a lot of surprises with different plants that just pop up. So, I had these plants with a woody stalk that popped up, so I let them grow. They grew to be about six feet tall and were producing little flower pods. I got very excited about what the flowers were going to look like. Um, dude, they were dandelions. Dandelions like I have never seen before, but dandelions none the less. sigh. They are now in the recycling bin. I can't believe I watered the darn things. LOL

I planted some flowers today that are really pretty. I had some dianthus, kalanchoe, margarites, and a drought resistant plant. I have a lovely friend that has received several flowering plants as gifts and she is kind enough to donate plants to my yard. I also bought a couple of cheap and cheerful plants at Target for about $2 each. So the yard is looking pretty. I also planted some more herb seeds that I had. I planted purple basil, and flowering thyme. I am really interested to see how the purple basil comes out. Right now my chives, parseley, oregano and dill are going like gangbusters!

After dinner I was really happy to sit down and stitch. I am almost finished with the top line and then I get to stitch the title line. It was so peaceful, and it was nice to sit and stitch. I am not sure what I will stitch next. This takes very careful consideration. LOL

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