Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am posting early tonight because I am heading to bed early. I want to read my book and get a little extra sleep. It was a bit of a long day as I had to go to a training. The class was really good and I am really glad I got to go. However, I am a bit sleepy.

I came home and started on my weekend cleaning. My housekeeping has been a little lacking for the past couple of weeks, so I really needed to get a head start on it. I also had a little light gardening to do. I started some seeds to sit on the windowsill of my laundry room. It is really warm and sunny in there. It is a pretty good greenhouse. The only problem is that it is super small so I have to keep moving things around.

I have the cutest little stool that was my son's when he was a toddler. I need to run by the fabric store this weekend and look at the clearance bin to see if there is a cute fabric in a red tone that I can cover the stool with. I think it will look really cute in my kitchen, which of course, is red. (The stool is covered with blue pleather.) I love this little stool as I have such good memories every time I look at it.

I am hoping to take a couple of good hikes this weekend with Miss Liesl. We need to get a little more exercise and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Yay!

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Littlebit said...

I wish my laundry room had a window! I honestly would not care how small it is if it did.
I would love to see a picture of your little stool after you have covered it. I love red! Have fun on your hikes!