Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Note To Self: Do Not Stitch When Tired!

Wow! It has been a busy, busy work week so far. I think someone at church last night said it best when he described yesterday as a Monday on steroids. Today was just as swamped, but it feels really good to work hard and get the new fiscal year set up. Plus I am so grateful to have a job that I love so much! I had a lot to get done and ended up staying a little late. Liesl and I both came home tired. I changed into jammies as soon as I got home, heated up Liesie's puppy dinner, and made myself a super healthy and yummy dinner. By the time my supper was ready, Liesl was already stretched out and on the way to dreamland, although she was able to lift her head just enough to beg for and eat some of my chicken and rice. Okay, maybe it was not begging as much as it was a pleading, guilt inducing, laser like look in the eye that clearly indicated that I should remember to share. LOL

I foolishly pulled out my stitching thinking I would get a little done before I turn in early tonight. This was not such a bright idea. I was too tired to try and ended up miscounting on my first stitch! Argh! So I pulled out my work and put it away. Oh, and a shout out goes out to Natasha! Yes, in fact, it is by Lizzie Kate. It just called out to me and, other than tonight, has been a fun stitch. The colors are pretty and it calls for good ol' DMC floss.

Just a quick note, my blog looks a little different tonight. The background provider I was using had really pretty backgrounds. (I loved the bees.) Unfortunately, something has happened and they are not able to link the backgrounds at this time. I feel badly for them. Anyway, I did not find out until too late this evening, so I put up a temporary background with another provider until I have some time to play with the layout. So, please bear with me, it may be a few days.

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Jeanne said...

You have a lovely blog Patti and a lot of great stitching! I love that LK piece with the dog rules for people. I need to stitch that for my house! Isn't it frustrating when you sit down to stitch and make backwards progress?? Better luck next time when you're not so tired.