Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stay At Home Saturday

After a couple of weeks of being on the go, I am happy to say that my furgirl and I are staying home today. It is another gray, cool day. We slept in, and are both reclined on the sofa. I have my cup of tea and I am having the great internal debate, "Stitching or Housework." Stitching while staying in my pajamas all day is fun and relaxing. On the other hand, I have been on the go for the past couple of weeks, and my humble abode could possibly have a little visit paid by the health department if I do not clean today. If they show up in the biohazard suits, I would be so embarassed in front of the neighbors.

Anyway, it is a good day to be home. I think I may turn on the classical station, stitch for an hour, then putter. My house is really very tiny so it does not take very long. I do need to wash the windows as it seems to be getting darker and darker in here from the dirt build up. LOL

I have to try to get a photo of Liesl today. She went to visit the groomer yesterday and looks beautiful. I let her get pretty fluffy, usually between visits. She looks cute either way. She just looks so small after the fur comes off. It is supposed to be warmer here this week, so she will be happier with less hair.

Well, I think I will pull out my stitching for just a little while. I would like to finish the top of Dog Lessons today. Then I will be a cleaning machine, unless of course, my book starts calling to me...


Littlebit said...

I'm lol at those decisions! You sound like me! My favorite thing is to be on a cleaning binge when it's cold and dreary out..not that THAT is going to happen anytime soon..and after that's all done, just settle down with my stitching or quilting until about 9 and then crawling in with a good book. :)
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.

Pam said...

I have to say that I have had to make that decision many times as well: stitching or cleaning? Cleaning or stitching? Needless to say that since I find stitching much more gratifying, it usually wins out the argument, but I eventually get the cleaning done. Eventually!

mbroider said...

What a wonderful blog you have!! Found you from 123MB!!