Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Monday

Mondays are always a bit on the exciting side. It was indeed busy at work, which led to an equally busy evening. My class started last week, so I am back to doing homework. This semester I am taking microeconomics. I loved macroeconomics, and the instructor is really good, so I am looking forward to it. It was rather timely, in these financially interesting times. I get to look at current events through a different, somewhat scientific lens.

I am feeling a little bit good about myself. After six long months of being at a weight loss plateau, I am finally losing again. I had lost 25 lbs earlier this year, and could not get anymore off, no matter what I did. My doctor told me to not watch the scale since I am building muscle, which is heavier. He said to focus more on how my clothes fit. I am happy to report that I am officially down another size, which is pretty cool. I am backing into a really old wardrobe, so luckily, I do not have to buy anything new. But I am feeling a little bit better about myself.

Since I had all of this homework tonight, I could not even consider thinking about crafts. I would like to have something ready to start by this weekend. I can not believe it is Labor Day already. This year has gone by quickly. It is so hard to believe it is time for fall ...


Jeanne said...

Congratulations on your new size - I know how very hard it is to lose weight and am fighting the big battle. When you figure out how to fix the economy please let us know!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about your weight! I'm stuck too. It seems like it takes nothing to gain a pound but it's so hard to get it off. Good luck with your class. It sounds interesting.