Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Word of the day-"antibiotics." Day three of a fever, and the doctor felt I should start antibiotics. I am still feeling pretty yucky, but I am grateful to my doctor's office. They take really good care of me.

I stitched for a while early tonight. I am doing the couching of the gold braid. I do like couching. It gives you such control of the curves on a piece. Plus it goes pretty quickly and is kind of fun.

I was really glad that I had thrown dinner in the crockpot this morning. I made one of my favorites from Stephanie's blog. It is so delicious and I love coming home to dinner being all cooked for me. Sometimes it smells so good at the front door that I can't wait very long. Stephanie's blog has some really great recipes, too. They are tried and true and she lets you know if there was a recipe that was really good or if it fell short with her family. I have been pleased with everything I have made.


Natasha said...

I hope those antobiotics start to kick in real soon and you are back to normal.

I just love her blog its been ages since I have been on it though I may have to give that recipe a try. The crock pot is a girls best friend I love mine.
Take Care and feel better would LOVE to see a photo of the couching, I have always wanted to try it on a piece.

Vicky said...

It is a fabulous slowcooker site isn't it, I have done a couple of recipes from it and will try this one next.