Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day Of Vacation

Well, tomorrow is back to work! Yay! I really have missed my coworkers and will be glad to get my mind active again in my work. I am blessed to love my job!

Today was a good day. Church, lunch with a friend, and a walk along the water with Liesl. The weather has been a little chilly, but I bundled up and the walk was quite pleasant. It is pretty neat to walk along the Pacific Ocean and get to see the sea life so easily. Usually, I get to see sea lions, otters and sometimes dolphins. It is pretty cool to see a pod of dolphins. They come right out of the water.

I am trying to get my fair entries ready for the fair. They are due to be there on August 21st, so I am really hopping. I think there will be some late night stitching in my near future. This is par for the course whenever I enter the fair. Someday I will be ready months in advance. LOL

Well, since it is a school night, I guess I had better start getting ready to turn in. 5:30 am is going to come really fast!

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