Saturday, August 14, 2010


It is ca-razy here on the Monterey Peninsula. It is the weekend of Car Week, one of the biggest, most traffic-inducing events we have all year. There are a lot of $100K cars on the road here right now. (I was following a long line of Lamborghinis and Ferarris on my way to work yesterday.) I ran around on Thursday night and did my errands, got my groceries and am now hunkered down at my house. The locals know not to do a lot of driving this weekend, and thus, stay home. I have actually been looking forward to this for days.

I awoke this morning to yet another gray, cold and drizzly day. Had my tea and peacefully and leisurely checked my email. I was feeling a bit energetic after that, so I put on my playclothes and headed out to my garden. Liesl was playing in the yard, too, and following snails. I got so much done. I had some plants that had been donated to my garden that were still sitting in pots, so I got them in the ground, got a majority of the beds weeded and gave everything a really good watering. I also had some seedlings that needed to be planted and so into the ground they went. I must say that it looks pretty good out there. I have to say that Trumpet plants have the most beautiful scent. Three hours has passed by so quickly. It was almost noon when I stopped. Since it was cool and I was not tired, I got so much done.

I came in and took a really hot shower, changed into sweats and puttered around the house. It is still really cool, so I had to put on the heat, gathered up my stitching, and set up camp on the sofa. My cooking shows are on, Liesl is napping cuddled up at my hip, and there is a quiet in the neighborhood that comes with a gray and foggy day. It is heavenly.

I plan on stitching the afternoon away. I still have household chores to do, but nothing that is going to take much time. Instead, I will savor the joy of the moment.

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