Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quiet Sunday

I do not know if I have ever mentioned this, but I truly love my church. We recently got a new pastor, who is dynamic and talks about the really big spiritual issues in her sermons. She gives us a lot to think about and I find myself absorbed in the issues that she brings out throughout the day. Today was such a day, and I found myself very deep in thought today.

All in all, it was a very quiet day. I was the assisting minister at church today which is always a blessing to me. It was very gray and cold today here on the coast, so when I got home, I cuddled up to a small, gray dog and took a nice nap. Afterward, I called my BFF who has been travelling and so we got to catch up a bit. I have been blessed with truly beautiful friends, and she has been an angel. Other than that I puttered and watched the Emmys. I am thrilled that Modern Family won the Best Comedy award. It is laugh out loud funny and so very smart.

I am thinking very hard about what project I want to do next. I have more patterns than I could ever stitch. The blackwork project that I brought up yesterday is still trying to be in first place in my mind, so perhaps that will be the winner. It certainly is an amazing piece. It is in a book on blackwork that I have so I shall have to ponder it a while longer. It is such a major commitment to start a new project so I really have to weigh the options. LOL

May your week be filled with peace and joy!

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