Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stitchy Night

Well, I am making good progress. In a way it helps that I am feeling crummy. It helps me to stay put on the sofa and stitch away. I should be ready with time to spare with my tea cosy. My friend from work and I are going to the craft store tomorrow at lunchtime so I should be able to pick up a couple of frames for my pieces as well as backing fabric for the tea cozy. I plan on doing my staying up crafting marathon on Friday, like usual. It is almost a ritual for the day before fair deadline.

My yucky cold is progressing along. It is no fun. I am ready to be done with it. My girlfriend at work has the same thing so we are suffering along together.

I am kind of excited. I got permission today to paint my kitchen in my little rented house a pale yellow. Like most rentals, it has all white walls. Because I can not leave well enough alone, I have been envisioning yellow in my kitchen for some time now. My kitchen is small so I could actually get it done pretty quickly. The only thing that I am afraid of is pulling out the refrigerator to paint back there. Overall, the kitchen would look so cute and sunny with a pretty yellow. I guess I am going to be hanging out in Home Depot (what else is new? LOL) looking at paint chips so I can find the perfect yellow. Yay! Is it wrong to love Home Depot as much as I do? It is magical in there.

Stay well!

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