Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekend Went Too Fast!

This weekend went really fast. I got a lot done, but it really flew by. My happiness was centered in my garden this weekend. I went out and did a lot more today after church. It looks like we may be getting sunshine at long last this week. So I wanted to make sure that the garden is ready to get warmed up. I did some digging, relocating some plants, and digging out some really ugly, huge, weeds with deep root systems. It was very satisfying. I am thinking that it will be wonderful when it is a mature garden and I can just enjoy it.

After our gardening adventure, one of us was totally dirty, especially since it had been eight days since her last bath. Thusly, it was bath day for Liesl, who is actually pretty cooperative when it comes to the bath. I invested in a handheld shower nozzle for her a few months ago and it seems to have improved the overall bath experience for Her Schnauzerness. Her favorite part though is that I wrap her up in a towel afterward and hold her on my lap while she dozes off, all warm and cuddled.

I did get to stitch tonight after dinner. (I got to watch Cake Boss, too. Yay!) It was really relaxing. I am so inspired to be more creative after this project is done. I spent a little time this weekend looking at blogs and cross stitch designs. I am also looking at branching out into new mediums. I have been working hard at organizing my office/craft room so that the space is really inviting to go into and spend some time. I have reorganized the cabinets and layout. Best of all, I have decluttered. I was keeping a lot of paper on my desk, which really made the desk seem really non-inviting and frankly, a bit scary. Now it seems a bit serene in there. Front and center in front of my desk is the cross stitch piece that won Best of Show at the fair a couple of years ago. It is a good reminder to be creative and enjoy my projects.

I wish you much joy in the week ahead.

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