Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Awesome Day!

It was another warm and sunny day. Work went well today and I got a lot accomplished. Best of all, the book I have been waiting for forever at the library came in. I got my little email from them to come pick it up. Yay. After work, I jetted over to my favorite library in Carmel to get it. I feel the need to make the trip extra worth the while, so I always pick up several weeks worth of books in one trip. I had my little shopping list ready to go. I must be living right because I found a parking spot right out front, which is actually pretty impossible with it being tourist season right now.

Walking out of the library with a bag full of books pretty much feels like Christmas to me. It fills me with a joy and giddiness that I just can not explain. My happiness carried me all of the way home. I played in my garden for a little while and inspected how my last weeks planting is proceeding. My lettuce has little tiny sprouts. So cute. Some time ago, one of my friends at work gave me purple potato seeds. He said that they make mashed potatoes that look like they are from outer space. I planted them last week and I am happy to report that they have green sproutings. Yay! I can not go out into the garden without making plans of the next five things I want to do. LOL. I make myself tired just thinking about it.

After playing with Liesie and giving her the nightly rinse off (It is working great! She slept through the night last night!) I puttered around the cozy cottage and then settled down to work on the Star Spangled Banner. I think it is looking great! It will really look fantastic when I get the border done. There is still a lot of detail work to do on the star, but all in due time. Right now the focus is on finishing the letters, which I hope will be done by the end of the weekend.


Cathy Pavlovich said...

Very pretty stitching. What chart is that? I'm also in the "Americana" stitching mood right now, working on America by LHN. Great blog.

April Mechelle said...

Hey Patti !! I am heading to the library in the morning. Libraries are starting to lend back on the Nook and Kindle. I have a Kindle and a little notebook computer, I read from. I still like to hold that book and turn that page.. and when I fall asleep it can fall out of my hand and hit the floor.. lol
I don't know what libraries will do when books all go electronic...That seems to be the way it is headed. They even have where you can download books for free on your I-Phone, I-Pad, MP3 Player.. I still like to look at a cover and turn those pages... lol Take Care!!!