Friday, June 24, 2011

It's The Weekend! Yay!!!!

Well, my power drill is a chargin'. Apparently, I did not purchase Adirondack chairs that build themselves, so it is time for me to cowgirl up and assemble them. I bought them Memorial Day weekend, and figure that I had better get them put together before the Fourth of July. I have the paint and everything so I am ready to roll. I can't wait to sit and stitch in one. I have visions of sipping lemonade with my feet up, sitting in a red Adirondack chair.

Okay, so my yogurt was a big hit this week. I just grabbed a yogurt container and fruit in the morning for my mid-morning snack. It was so delicious and I found out that a certain mini schnauzer loves yogurt. She kept sitting licking her puppy lips whenever I was having some, so I ended up giving her a small serving each time. She was pretty happy and I figure it is probably good for her, too. I have to make some more yogurt tomorrow. I may have to try cheese-making, next.

After work I was able to get a couple of hours of yard work done. I have one really stubborn area that I had to take a shovel to to weed. But it is all clear. It has a great deal of shade under trees and I happen to have some extra impatiens. I think that they will go perfectly there. The impatiens that I planted last week in another shaded part of the yard are growing like crazy. They are spreading out and already have more flowers and buds. They are obviously happy where they are. They are happy flowers and really give a burst of color, particularly in a dark part of the yard.

I have to "hill" my potatoes, too. They have enough leaves that I have to create hills of dirt around them so that the potatoes have room to grow. I start with two inches of dirt hill around each cluster of leaves and keep building upon the hills over the next few weeks. I can not wait for my first harvest!

I am off to do a little stitching before heading off to dreamland. Have a happy weekend!

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