Saturday, June 4, 2011

Serene Saturday

We are going through a period of unseasonal rain here. Luckily, I had run all of my errands on my home from work last night. So today Liesl and I had a wonderful stay at home Saturday. It rained really steadily all morning, so it was a really good time to clean the cozy cottage. My little bungalow is all sparkling clean now. My best achievement of the day though, was that I got my craft room cleaned up and organized. I filed all of the papers that have piled up, organized my fabrics, and re-arranged a few things. I really dis-like clutter, so it feels really comfortable in there now. Whoohoo. I am looking forward to spending some evenings this week in there.

It was still raining when I finished up my chores, so Liesl and I decided to take a nap. She had taken her bath and eaten her lunch, and had a good sleepy going. I stretched out on the sofa and snoozed. I love naps. They are so decadent. When Liesl sees me settle down for a nap she always looks at me like "Splendid idea!"

Tonight is a good night for stitching. We are gearing up for more rain tonight and tomorrow. So it is a really good night to stay in. I am going to work on Star Spangled Banner. I am hoping to be done in the next two weeks with the lettering so I need to stay on schedule. I will post a photo in the next few days of my progress.

I am off to thread my needle!

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