Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What A Great Day!

Today was beautiful! The sun was finally out and it was so warm. Four days ago I had the heat on because it was so cold. Tonight after work I had on shorts. Go figure.

I think Liesl's little allergy issue may be coming under control, thankfully. She spent a lot of yesterday sneezing, so she got another Benadryll last night so she could get some sleep, the poor thing. I also rinsed her paws really good in the bathtub before she went to bed. It seemed to help. She chewed on them quite a bit less today. I also had an epiphany today when we were on our morning walk. She was nose to the ground, as usual, and dragging her beard. That was when it hit me that she probably picks up a lot of pollen in that beard in the yard. So I got a warm washcloth and washed her face before we left for work. I made sure I got her nose and corners of her eyes, too. She did not sneeze very much today. Yay! One of the guys at work said that he just saw an article on dogs and their allergies so he is going to pass it on to me.

Today was one of those amazing days at work when the day just flows. I got a lot done and felt really good about it. I even had a few different people tell me that I am awesome today. That felt so good. I work with really wonderful people that I have so much respect for, so to have them say such wonderful things really feels nice. The other cool thing that happened was that my friend at work just got back from Charlotte, North Carolina and brought me a bag of goodies from Tony Stewart's shop there, including a little cardboard cut out of Tony for my desk. She got to go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame there and said it was so cool. Someday...

So I am stitching tonight. I was looking forward to gardening after work, but I was so tired. I tidied up the cozy cottage, gave Liesl her rinsing off, and sat down with needle and thread. I will post a photo in the next few days. Doing a craft that I love is the perfect way to end a beautiful day. I am so grateful for every minute of it!

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