Saturday, June 11, 2011


Okay, it has been seriously cold, windy and drizzly here. It is the middle of June and I am running my heater to keep warm. Enough, already. To top it off I have that sore throat, headachey thing that is going around. I guess that it was okay that I had to spend the day on the sofa under a blanket.

Today was Liesl's day to go to the groomer. I had been letting her hair grow out because it has been so cold. Putting a sweater on her would only bring on a full dramatic episode complete with terrier Greek chorus, so I had to wait. She was starting to look like a ragamuffin, so I had to take her in today. She looks so dramatically different when she is groomed. She looks stout when she is all curly, but looks kind of fragile and really small when she gets all shaved down. Because she gets to live an active doggie life doing things like going to the beach, running around on my friends' ranch, and digging for gophers in the backyard, the groomer gives her a little tiny skirt and hardly any feathering on her legs that can get all tangled.

There is always a little bit of a hole for me when Liesl is at the groomers for five hours. She is with me pretty much all of the time. She goes to work with me everyday, she vacations with me, gets invited to most of my friends' homes when I am invited over, and basically just trots around to where ever I am. So when she is gone I feel a little lost. I did give the house a really good vacuuming while she was out though. She usually attacks the vacuum (it is growling at her.) So this was my big chance to really clean out the rug. My groomer said that all of her clients say the same thing. LOL

After I picked Liesl up she was exhausted from her day of beauty and I was sick so we snuggled on the sofa. She slept all afternoon while I stitched. It ended up being okay that it was so yucky outside, because we got to rest inside. I was so glad to have her back home. She is just a precious little soul.

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