Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost There To The Weekend!

Oh, my goodness. Can you believe tomorrow is the first of July already?! I have to say that I am looking forward to the three day weekend. I am still tired from Sunday and could use at least one day to sleep in. It is supposed to be gorgeous here this weekend, so it should be a fun one!

As you can see, I have finished the words! Now on to the border and backstitching detail on the star. It should go quickly. The words were harder because I had to pull, several rows out. It is all in alignment now, but I was pretty bummed when it happened. I was not sure who to be mad at, the pattern or myself. In the end, I just decided to fix it. Lesson learned.

Okay, so I have a new love. Last week, I set up the downloadable Netflix. I do not watch a lot of movies so I never felt the need to have Netflix. As one of my friends said at knitting tonight, "Two hours is a big commitment." I tend to like to do a lot of things in the evenings and putter or read, as do my friends. So a television show or two fits my entertainment needs. Well, last weekend, since my daughter was puppy sitting, I said that I would set it up for her, since I have the most basic of cable. Everyone at work is always talking about the shows on Netflix. Several people have told me that they have not had cable in years because Netflix has such good stuff on. They are always talking about the shows and documentaries.

I felt with the free 30 day trial I had nothing to lose, so I set it all up. It has all the shows like Glee and Lost that I have been meaning to watch. Being an accountant and linear in my thinking, I can't watch shows out of order, so now I can watch them from the beginning. Plus it has British comedies and all sorts of interesting shows. I am hooked on a British comedy called, "The IT Crowd" about two guys who run the IT department of a company in the basement. It is totally hilarious and a bit absurd. Right up my alley. I may end up just getting rid of cable like my friends.

Well, I am off to go to bed early. It has been a long week!

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Littlebit said...

I am no television watcher by any stretch of the imagination..sometimes I wonder why we even have a TV, but I am addicted to Netflix! I can sit in my comfy spot and listen to all of my favorite movies--nearly 100% British--while stitching of an evening. I love it that you can pick up right where you left off and even rate them for future suggestions from NF.