Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Sunday

Just a quick post tonight, I am aching and tired from gardening this afternoon. I got so much done and it looks beautiful. But I am totally paying for it!

Today was a perfect day. We are really having wonky weather here. It rained here again last night. We normally do not have any rain past March or April. It is wreaking havoc with allergies! It was gray and cold as I was getting ready for church, but while I was in church the beginnings of our heat wave started. It was the first sunny weekend day in about a month. It is supposed to be really hot here this week. Oy vey!

I really just want to share that my yogurt turned out perfectly! You basically let it sit in the warm unit for about 11 hours, then refrigerate. I had to taste it and it was better than store bought. Great flavor and smooth texture. I will have to make Liesl's pupsicles tomorrow. With the heat wave in store, this will be perfect timing. I am just going to make a half batch to make sure she likes it.

One last happy note of the day. I had to go to Target today to buy a gift. I was also picking up a few other items. I must have taken a short cut through the soda aisle (because I generally don't drink soda.) I had to put on the brakes and stop because my eyes fell on one of my favorite treats ever-Mexican Coca Cola. It is a wonderful thing because it is made with cane sugar and comes in a glass bottle. It tastes just like the Coca Cola from my childhood in the 1960's before high-fructose corn syrup. It was a little pricey at $1.49 a bottle. I bought two bottles though to keep in the refrigerator as a special treat on a really hot day. I am a happy girl.


April Mechelle said...

Patti, Glad you had a great day! I have never heard of mexican cola. Sounds yummy. Ya'll try and stay cool this week. We hit the 100 mark today with temps. all plants are about dead. we need a lot of rain.. happy gardening!

Terri said...

OOooh, I LOVE homemade yogurt!! Where did you find the yogurt maker? My grandparents used to make yogurt using a crock. Yum! It was really good with fresh honey and berries!

Jessica said...

How did you make the yogurt...did i miss it? Enjoy your Cola!

Patti said...

Hi Everybody!

Thank you for your comments!

You can find yogurt makers by doing a search on (I heart Amazon!) They run about $40.

My recipe called for 1 quart lowfat milk to two heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt as a starter. Each yogurt maker should come with a recipe and instructions.

Homemade yogurt is so yummy. I am amazed at how much money I am saving by making my own.