Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knitting Circle Bacon Festival

It started innocently enough last week. We always have a little potluck dinner before every knitting circle on Thursday. It is a tradition and we all love having a nice meal together on a Thursday night. Last week we somehow got on the subject of the Denny's Festival of Bacon, which led to a member saying that she would make her bacon potato salad for this week's dinner. Then we decided that we should have BLT's, too. This led to careful consideration of other bacon delicacies and before we knew it we decided that tonight was going to be bacon night.

Oh, my goodness, the meal was incredible. My daughter made yummy homemade sourdough for the BLTs. The bacon potato salad was so good we could have wept. Everyone had seconds! I made a fancy cole slaw because we decided to break up the bacon thing just a bit. The best part though was that our newest member, who joined us for the first time last week, made chocolate dipped bacon. This was the biggest hit of the party. It was so delicious. She used thick, very crisp slices of a good bacon. Then she did the perfect ratio of dark Ghiradelli chocolate and refrigerated it. It was the perfect balance of salty, sweet, crunchy, and smooth.

Tonight was fun as a really special treat. No one even took out their knitting, we just ate our dinner and talked and laughed. It is such an awesome group of ladies and my neat friend Heidi did such a great job bringing us together. We have so much fun Thursday nights, and as Heidi says, "We aren't even using up our weekend hours yet." This girl time is crucial and is a great way to usher in Friday, whether we knit or not!

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