Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today was a crazy day. I had an accounting software upgrade and training, a couple of meetings, I was busy every minute of the day but felt like I got nothing done. We are also back to cold weather. By the time I got home tonight, I just wanted to crawl into bed with my book. Since I had other responsibilities which included feeding a small, hungry dog, I had to put book readin' to the side until a few minutes from now.

After I got the responsibilities taken care of, I sat down and stitched. I feel like I am so close to being done. I like big projects a lot. In fact, I prefer them. However, I will be glad when this one is done and I can move on to another project. It was nice though to sit down and watch my news shows and a rerun of Deadliest Catch and get some more work done on it.

I have a very cute Liesl story to share: Liesl's very most favorite game is hide n' seek. She loves to hide and she loves when I hide her cookies and let her hunt for them. Yesterday morning, we were on our morning walk before work. She was walking behind me on the leash, as usual. Liesl tends to dilly-dally in the morning, smelling the p-mail to find out the news in the neighborhood. All of the sudden I felt a tug on the line, meaning she stopped. Usually this is because she has stopped to go potty.

I turned around to see why she stopped and I see that she is standing behind a pole. The pole was the typical pole that speed limit signs or street signs are posted on. Then I see that she is standing perfectly still. Her little head is totally hidden by the sign but her body is sticking out on either side of the pole. That is when I realized that she was hiding from me in a "if I can't see you then you can't see me" kind of way. I started laughing and then said, "Where is Liesie? Where could she be?" which is what I say when we play hide and seek. She came dashing out with a big smile on her face, like she thought she was hilarious. Then she continued off in a happy little trot.

Mini schnauzers are known for their sense of humor (and drama.) I think Liesl may be the funniest one around though...

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