Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quiet Sunday

It was yet again another cold and dreary day. Until 7pm, that is. I kid you not. After a weekend of cold, wind and drizzle, the sun came out at 7pm. We are supposed to have a heat wave this week. Oy vey. We are dealing with some weird weather.

I was watching the CBS Evening News about a month ago, and there was a story about how this has been the worst year in a long time for allergies. They went on to say that it has also been a horrible year for allergies in dogs. I can attest to this myself. Poor Liesl has had a horrible time recently. Her front paws are stained from her licking them so much. Her wonderful vet said that front paw licking is allergies, probably pollen related. Last night she had a horrible night of sneezing and paw licking. I even got up and held her for a while. This is a sign that she was not feeling well, because that is just not her thing. She sees herself as a big dog who should not be held on a lap.

I had gotten ready for church this morning, and I saw her just noisily licking and chewing her front paws. She just looked so uncomfortable and pitiful. I knew I could not leave her and had to do something to make her feel better right away. The vet and I have an agreed upon dosage of Benadryll (never give medicine to you dog without talking to your vet!) It seemed to help her and she was able to sleep all day. She seems to have perked up this evening. I think I will rinse her little paws off at the end of each day going forward. Maybe that will help with the paw licking.

I stayed put on the sofa with her today. I knew that she needed to get some sleep, plus if a dog has Benadryll in their system you are not supposed to let them jump on and off furniture or get on the stairs, because they can seriously injure themselves. So I moved as little as possible so she would rest. This was not a bad thing since I got to read my final Philippa Gregory queen book about Mary Queen of Scots. I love her books. I have learned a lot about British history.

I also got to stitch a lot today. I only have about four more rows to do of the lettering and I will be able to move on to the border. This piece is really large. I am already thinking about the framing. I have an idea in my mind of what I will do. I have to start looking for frame molding.

I am actually at that point in stitching where I am starting to think about what I will stitch next. I have so many ideas going through my head. I still have to finish my pillowcases, but at the same time, I am wondering if I should so something small. I really love big projects like the one I am working on, but it would be nice to get some smalls done, too.


Jessica said...

Awe, I hope your dog feels better soon...I have a lab with allergies; it is hard to watch them be sooo uncomfortable. She is snuggled by my side as I write...conversely, she is a 100lb dog who "wants " to be a lap dog!

...Mary Queen of Scots ~ good read!

Patti said...

You are so right about how hard it is to see them not comfortable. Plus the fact that they can not tell us what is wrong. Liesl is such a happy little dog in general. It breaks my heart to see her in pain.

Hope your dog is weathering through allergy season well! Dog snuggles are the very best!