Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Really Excited Now!

Well, the big day is looming large and I am about to burst with excitement. There are still so many details to attend to, but this is a special time. So I am trying to stay in happiness and gratitude and not stress about details.

I was talking to my contractor friend today and was telling him that I found the cutest plans for an adorable potting shed that has a weather vane on it and everything. I totally want to build it. He told me that he has a lot of leftover wood and material from jobs that he has done and when I am ready for my little construction project, that I am welcome to anything in the shed. Is that too cool or what?! He also said that while he was in Home Depot the other day he noticed they had a list of the free workshops they give with the upcoming dates. Apparently, there is a pretty good list of stuff I would be interested in. I am so stoked! I want to put in a little workbench in my garage so that I can work on projects. It will be so fun to take those workshops, too. I'll be a total Home Depot groupie.

We had a little excitement around here this morning. Around 4:30 am Liesl was insisting that she had to go out. I got up and walked to the back door all squinky eyed. Then I switched on the large backyard light, just as I put my hand on the doorknob. That was when I spotted the bandits stealing and eating my tomatoes like apples. Five of them, they had masks on and everything. Those five little faces looked up at me like, "What're you lookin' at?" Liesl was beside herself because she wanted at those five little raccoon. Unfortunately, raccoon are notorious in the horrible things they can and will do to dogs. So I made her stay inside while I tried to make enough noise to scare them off without waking the neighbors. Liesl was fit to be tied and paced the house for while, sniffing the air for her little furry friends. A little too much excitement too early in the morning.

Well, off to dreamland...

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Beth said...

I am so excited for you - what a different lifestyle you are going to have - enjoy!