Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hanging Out At The Depot

First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your kind wishes and comments. It means so much to me that you took the time to write such nice things. It made my day.

Little Miss Liesl had an appointment at the groomer for her spa day first thing in the morning. I had to drop her off with apologies, because Liesl is a bit of a tomboy and loves to rough house with other dogs. (She is a tough little dog.) Her best friend, a male Queensland and Liesl have found a soft pile of dirt at work (we have some construction going on) and have spent a good deal of time wrasslin' and rolling in it. She was a hot mess (albeit a happy dog) going in for her professional bath today. She smells good and looks beautiful now.

After I dropped Liesl off, I headed off to Home Depot to look at refrigerators. I got a bit overwhelmed because I realized what a new play land Home Depot is since I am not restricted (except by cash flow) in the upgrades I can make to the house. I have been hanging out on the HD website lately, too. I have come to understand what everyone else already knows. When you are buying a house, all you can think about is what improvements you want to make. So I have been looking at a lovely fountain for my yard and all sorts of new ideas. I was even looking at granite tile floors for my kitchen, but realized that is too slippery and cold for little puppy feet. I am also considering having a island made for my kitchen. It was so exciting to look at some mosaic tile and back splashes. I figured I had better get out of there before I started giggle fits and skipping down the aisles.

I was so happy when it was time to pick up Liesie. The house felt so empty without her little schnauzer antics and cuddles. We got home and she did her usual running right to her toys and taking inventory of her favorites, sniffing each to make sure I did not play with them while she was gone. I decided to start sorting through things to determine what I will be donating and what I will move. I am only moving things into my house that I absolutely love. I also got the oven all cleaned and shiny so I have one less thing to do at move time.

I had plans for this evening but was so tired after the early day and hard work that I decided to stay in and cuddle with my fur girl. As the cherry on the ice cream sundae of my day, Talledega Nights is on. I love me some Ricky Bobby. Shake n' Bake! I am also starting a new blackwork sampler in red for my new living room. It is from Lesley Wilkins' Traditional Blackwork Samplers. I will post photos in the next few days. The nature of blackwork makes it go pretty quickly while you are stitching.

Off to stitch!

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Beth said...

Enjoy the new house preps - while costly, they are really a lot of fun!!

Can't wait to see pictures!