Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Packing Up The Cozy Cottage

Well, my living room had finally filled up with empty boxes to the point I had to do something with them. One of the nice people at work has been bringing me a steady supply every day. He has been pulling the extra sturdy and thick ones out of his deliveries for me. He has even been able to save the packing material. It has been such a huge help. Some even have a Styrofoam lining so I can put breakables in there.

So tonight I packed. It is amazing that I had all of those boxes and not very much got packed into them. This weekend will be the time that a lot of stuff goes into the boxes. I even bought some frozen dinners that can go into the microwave to save time and will allow for me to pack my pots and pans and kitchenwares this weekend.

After I got the packing done for the evening and made a path for Liesl, I gave myself I pedicure and stitched away. I love the pattern that I am working on. It is so pretty. I already have a place picked out in the new cozy cottage for it to hang. I can't wait to start decorating the new cozy cottage. (I am taking a week's vacation to get settled in.) I have said that when I buy a house, I will never have white walls ever again. Right now the walls are painted a neutral beigy color. But I am envisioning some really pretty colors on the walls. I am considering a warm, pumpkin color in the kitchen to compliment the counter tops and stainless steel. I think it will look beautiful and will make a great space to entertain.

So things are processing along. I am learning a lot about the process and am grateful that I have such a wonderful agent and loan officer taking such good care of me. They are awesome. My agent keeps reminding me that I can fix up the house whatever way I want it. This is exciting. I have decided that I need french doors in my bedroom to give Liesl instant access to the yard, instead of walking through the house. Did you know that they make french doors with mini blinds built into them?! I would not need to dust mini blinds then. This is so awesome.


Danielle said...

So happy for you Patti! I have those doors you are talking about with the mini blinds in them. They are awesome!!

Barb said...

Good luck on your move! Moves can be stressful even when it is exactly what you want to do, I have moved many times and the good news is, once you get settled it will all be worth while.

Mad about Craft said...

Good luck with your weekend of packing! Packing up a house seems never ending but it is very satisfying once it's done.

April Mechelle said...

I can't wait to see your new cottage all decorated and colorful! Make sure you take before you move in pictures and after decorating. lol