Friday, September 23, 2011

A Quiet Friday Night At Home

Well, if close of escrow is on schedule this upcoming week, this will be my last weekend in my current house before Liesl and I move to the new Cozy Cottage. Therefore, I cleared my social calendar for the weekend so I can focus on my moving prep. I decided that I would enjoy my last Friday night in this house and relax. The rest of the weekend will be focused on errands, packing and cleaning. I am trying to keep everything as low stress as possible so that the transition is a calm process for Liesl and she does not get really stressed. I have really loved this little house and hope that the next people will enjoy it just as much as I have. I am just so excited and wonder how I will sleep in the next few days.

I received my order from 123stitch today. I really love the ornament issue and plan on stitching quite a few of the ornaments. I think it was one of the better issues in years. I am really excited about the Emblem of Love ornament. I will finally have room in the new house to put up a Christmas tree and decorate for the holidays. I am very excited about this and the years to come. I hope a certain schnauzer cooperates with the festivities...She was adopted around Christmas 4 years ago. That year, not knowing a schnauzer would be joining the household in the later part of the month, I had baked Gingerbread people and decorated them with royal icing, then hung them on the tree. Then this little 4 month old puppy came along and thought she had found the lucky cookie tree. All the sudden I would hear the rustle of pine boughs and jingling of ornaments and see a little gray blur running victoriously down the hallway. By the time she could be caught, she would be eating a gingerbread man as fast as possible. Thank goodness, she did not eat the hooks.

I am not sure I have ever shared the meaning of Liesl's name. When she came in and took over the household, (she had come from a bad situation where she was mistreated) she had a funky name that did not suit her at all. It was agreed that since she was a German breed that she should have a Germanic name. I arrived at Liesl from the Sound of Music. It turns out that Liesl is a derivative of Elizabeth or Elise and means "God's Promise." I loved it when I found that out. I have done some research and it appears that there are several promises in the Bible, including supplying us all of our needs. I am so grateful that He saw the Liesl and I needed each other. She is a happy little blessing.

One last note-everyone who knows Liesl says that her name just suits her. She is most definitely a Liesl. She has always answered to it, too, except when she was running away with the gingerbread men. She seems to understand German, too. I know a couple of people who speak to her in German. One is a very close and dear friend from church. He speaks to her in German and tells her that she is beautiful. She gets this very dreamy look on her face, like she understands and is mesmerized. I have to wonder if on some level she understands.

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Cindy said...

good luck with your move this week :D....and loved your story about liesl and the gingerbread you had a hard time disciplining her :D....gotta love our babies...